Genius! Crowd sourcing a menu @SocietiBistro

10 Dec

So something brand new happened. I went somewhere, AND DIDN’T INVITE MYSELF! No kidding. Societi Bistro are planning their new summer menu starting on 15th December, and rather than just decide amongst themselves what should be on the menu, they decided to crowd source, or bring in the people who would be eating from their menu for their take on it. Brilliant.


The REAL Twitterati.

The REAL Twitterati.


And they really looked after us, supplying some Neil Pendock wine to go with the all the dishes we were trying. Even got an explanation on the wine, they are not using wood on it so that the old vines and terroir are all the flavour influences.

Neil Pendock explaining his lack of wood. In the wine. Jeez, get your mind out the gutter.

We also got a run down on the dishes by Chef Stefan Marais, where he eloquently explained the source and preparation of the dishes. He kept reminding us that this is Bistro dining, and not fine dining, but we weren’t really paying attention, as we were all diving in. I’m surprised there weren’t more injuries.

This is not a self-shot. Thats Stefan. The Chef. On the left.

Then we had a mock menu, with spaces for what we thought we would be happy to pay for each dish, and space on the back for comments. Unfortunately, our comments were … short. Partly cos we got tired of trying to find new ways to say Wow, Awesome, Delicious, (of course Nom Nom was not allowed) and because the next dishes came through thick and fast.

Summer in the Bistro

By the way, I’m a fussy eater. Don’t like livers, mushrooms, zucchini… The list is extensive. But Societi has a sneaky way of making these things really tasty. Like putting a little mint in with the Zucchini. Or marinading watermelon in vodka. Come on! I could become vegetarian if it was all soaked in Vodka. Just kidding, I’d order the Chorizo fettuccine every time. Imported chorizo by the way.

And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Watermelon starter will be flying out the kitchen doors. Just about everyone said they like it on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to Autumn.


4 Responses to “Genius! Crowd sourcing a menu @SocietiBistro”

  1. ish December 10, 2010 at 1:17 PM #

    I’d move in with that Watermelon salad, and not just for the Vodka. Great post. It does capture real people- look, Jelle is trading with his netbook! 🙂
    I think it’s safe to say that everyone at the table, will be back to Societi soon.

  2. Sam December 11, 2010 at 8:58 AM #

    What a superb evening and I’d have to concur on the watermelon / vodka salad – light and delicious. I am so going to be making that at home.


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