Diary of a Donkey – part two.

15 Mar

As you know (you do know, right?) The Donkey aka El Burro (you can call me El) went walkabout a while ago. Apparently he was trying out some other options to his beloved authentic Mexican cuisine and La Muerte tequila from El Burro. Seems he and Dave visited And Union next…

Dave took me to try some beer. I don’t understand why he’s taking me. We have beer in Mexico.

“Not like this, Burro. This is REAL beer,” said Dave.

“Yoo no teenk beer ees reeeal in Mehico? We has the Corona. Bestest beer in… Why yoo laffing to me, Dave?”

“Corona is a nice beer Burro. If your only other option is Castle. Real Beer has no additives, is natural and has aroma and a complex smooth taste.”

*whispers* “Hmph. Same like La Muerte…”

“Try the Steph Weiss.”

“Ees not bad. Eet is verry smooth. But I tink thees one is for senoritas? No?”

“No! I have it all the… Ha, well. Um. Ok, maybe its a little soft. Dark might be more your style.”

“Mmm. I teenk dis one is for the mucho gringo. But I no smell a-rrr-owe-mmmma.”

“Its subtle. You have to really look for it.”

“I get eet. It smell like … beer!!!”

“Get in the car.”

Not sure how long Dave can hold out. He said the donkey walked off muttering about ‘thees gringo can no dreenk like da lucha libre.’ Apparently they went brandy tasting next. Or was it vodka.

I might not be getting the story right. You better come hear it from The Donkey’s mouth on 30th March at El Burro. When you come, you’ll be giving a little to Help2Read. No not Help2Drink. You the champion at that…

R120 gets you:

– A La Muerte – Agave de Jalisco Margarita.

– Mexican canape/tapas/miniVersionsOfOUrMenu (call it what you will) to make you full.

– R20 of your fee goes to Help2Read

* Please feel free to bring books of the “children educational variety” along to donate to Help2Read as well RSVP here.


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